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Hall, Joseph1574 - 1656Quo Vadis?
Quò vadis? ou censure des voyages
Hauterive, Alexandre-Maurice Blanc de La Nautte1754 - 1830Instruction pour un élève envoyé en mission
Quelques Conseils à un jeune voyageur
Heron, Halyd. 1591[Of Travaile in Heron's Kayes of Counsaile]
Heydon, John1629 -1670?[Travel in John Heydon's Advice to a Daughter]
Howell, James 1594?–1666Instructions for Forreine Travell
Hunger, Albrecht1545 - 1604De peregrinatione tum sacra tum prophana eiusqve utilitate
Hurd, Richard 1720 - 1808Dialogues on the Uses of Foreign Travel
Hyde, Edward1609 - 1674A Dialogue between A. an Old Courtier, B. an Old Lawyer, C. an Old Soldier